Cityscan : the real estate geo-scanner

Apimo and Cityscan met at the RENT 2018 in Paris and agreed to offer Apimo users, up till the whole of February 2019, a new tool to evaluate properties’ locations, scanning essential needs that affect the customers’ decisions such as living conditions, access to public transports, schools, stores, the net etc… Find out more !

Promote your properties and your know-how

More than 100 geolocalised factors

Cityscan is a tool allowing you to know everything about a given property’s location in a matter of seconds. It scans many different factors such as :

  • - Proximity to public transports
  • - Food stores, convenience stores etc…
  • - Amenities such as restaurants, cinemas, parks and gardens
  • - Security and healthcare : police stations, hospitals, drugstores, doctors…
  • - Basic services : garages, gas stations, public offices…
  • - Tourism : hotels and historical monuments
  • - Employment : Cityscan gives the latest tendencies of the local employment market
  • - Cultural and social environment
  • - Access to education : nurseries and schools nearby
  • - Living conditions : sunlight, pollution…
  • - Real estate market tendencies of the neighborhood
  • - Environmental sustainability
  • - Des informations sur l'environnement durable
  • - Natural hazards
  • - And everything concerning urban planning and its evolutions

Boost your business

Thanks to the dearth of data that Cityscan provides to your Apimo CRMyou can convince your customers and achieve success by providing them clear sales arguments with solid evidence.
You could promote your properties matching your customers’ needs with the data provided by Cityscan, taking into account both their basic needs and their habits; this tool allows you to bring the discussion about the purchase of a new property to a whole new depth, you will be selling no more bare surfaces but living environments, fully adapted to your customers’ way of life.

Integrated widgets

Expert & Web pack

All of the Apimo France users can freely test the Cityscan tool on each property file, up to the end of February 2019, getting full access to the whole of the data the tool can provide.
After that, you could get a monthly subscription to the tool, whose price is based on the number of properties you need to evaluate. Get in touch with your Apimo commercial agent to know more about the fees and benefit from preferential prices.
The EXPERT pack will give you full access to the data directly from your Apimo CRM, while the WEB pack will help you advertise your properties by showing your customers their finest points, both on the website and into their Extranet private pages

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