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SSL certificate protects real estate agency data

SSL: a guarantee of quality for your website

All through the year 2017, internet giant Google strove to get most of the websites secured, making the SSL certificate indispensable. Commerce and professional websites handle big flows of sensitive data each day, and protection is nowadays a major concern.

Why does a Real Estate Agency website need an SSL certificate ?

Comparing SSL to your everyday life, it would be like the door of your agency, with a digicode lock preventing unauthorized access. The principle is simple: the SSL certificate protects your website. It secures the access to your sensitive data like passwords and personal data. This gets coded and encrypted, ensuring maximum security, by the use of encryption keys linking data to people or legal persons.

How do I know if the website I’m browsing is secured ?

This is quite straightforward:

  • HTTP becomes HTTPS
  • The SSL lock icon is green and closed


The difference between a secure and unsecured site
The difference between a secure and unsecured site


There’s of course no obligation to secure your website.

Google shall just show a « NOT SECURE » warning in the URL bar when someone will be browsing your website. Accordingly, your visitors may feel insecure and visits to your website could plummet. To sum it up, there’s no true obligation to get SSL, but you will notice in a short while the consequences of your choice.


Improving your SEO thanks to SSL

In order to properly assess the importance of securing your website, you May want to keep in mind that almost half of Google’s first page natural rankings are secure websites. Having to choose between your website and your competitor’s, supposing both are equally fine, Google will show HTTPS websites first. Google seeks for websites protecting their visitors’ data with SSL certificates, ranking them higher. SEO, in other words your website ranking, will drastically improve thanks to SSL.

APIMO first in improving real estate websites security

That’s the reason why apimo was the first to automatically upgrade all its Corporate customers websites to SSL, without them needing to ask. apimo got SSL certificates for more than 400 websites in less than two weeks, our customers benefit now from upgraded security, better SEO and the certainty they’re backed up by a competent, proactive working partner.

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