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Send goods via SMS directly from real estate software


Apimo just introduced an SMS sending tool that is fully integrated into the software itself. From the product file itself, you can send it by SMS to your customers and they’ll be able to browse it on their phones. The SMS sends a link to our responsive extranet pages hosting the product file; the customers can thus check the product on the spot without the need to connect or to crank their PCs up.

Capture d’écran 2021-03-31 à 17.20.33
Apimo extranet: responsive, sleek & handy


The same product file can be sent to different contacts by SMS, notwithstanding the country they come from : no need to worry, the borders are gone with this function. This will ensure that your proposition doesn’t get lost in a dump of advertising or blocked by over-zealous spam filters. Of course, the SMS sending will leave a trace both into the product file history and into the contact file, just as it happens now for a classic e-mail sending.
You can also edit the SMS text as you like, or just send it as-is : an extranet link + your name and your contacts.



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