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Your website, the first image of your real estate agency

Your website is the first impression you give to your customers.

Create a new site or rebuild your old one.

Upgrading to Apimo’s Pro or Corporate offers you’ll get a sleek, responsive website which will be fine tuned to fit your own needs !

Did you know this? According to Médiamétrie statistics, in 2017 more than one every three European citizens browsed a real estate site or app. Among them, 22 % browsed using a computer and 16 % by cell phone.

18 % of real-estate related searches are done on different devices (PCs and cell phones or tablets), it’s easy to see why every website must nowadays be highly responsive and fully adaptive.

By creating or rebuilding your website with Apimo, this will be fully compliant with the latest norms about security, technical specs and data protection.

Apimo will take care of the whole process, from creating a domain name to hosting the website, without any additional fee.

How do I subscribe?

Easy as a piece of cake.

Get in touch with your favourite Apimo agent, he/she will take charge of all of the paperwork. You will only need to sign a new contract and you’ll soon get an enquiry from Apimo web services.

This form will allow our Devs to know everything they need about your tastes and choices concerning your future website’s styling, structure and look.

A few weeks later, you’ll be asked to validate the website sketch. If it suits you, your brand-new custom website will be put online.

What’s going on during this time? I can’t afford to have no website at all for several weeks!

No need to worry, Apimo will host a temporary website for your agency which will publish your properties and allow you to carry on signing deals as usual.

Admit it. That’s awesome!

Don’t wait any longer, upgrade to Professional or Corporate and enjoy many more benefits!

The all-in-one offer


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