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No waiting for the delivery of your real estate website

Preserve your brand image

For your customers the search by internet is the first step.

No secrets, the first place where investors start their research is definitely the internet. First through real estate portals like, or Then, the future purchasers wander here and there on the web in search of locations, prices, goods ... in short, the start of a life project begins here.

Page under construction : the message that is annoying

M and Mme Organa are looking for a house with a garden in Rennes. A friend told them about an agency but now his website is "Under construction". Nothing will do, they will not come back. The customer is lost.

The temporary website by Apimo : the solution you need

Whether you are changing providers or you are creating your agency, you need to be visible and put your properties online as quickly as possible. Apimo is the first full web real estate software that lets you do that.

How does it work ?

Nothing more simple. When you join apimo, you will receive a welcome email and a web form asking you to fill in your basic information. Once your answers are sent and your properties are entered in the apimo software, a temporary website will be created.

And time-wise ?

Just as easy as answering the welcoming email and website form, there are 2 situations :

  • We buy the domain name for you : putting your temporary website online is immediate
  • We recover your existing domain name : the time to retrieve your domain name will determine the timing of putting your website online

Why a temporary website ?

The perfect and complete production of your website can take time, at apimo we promise to deliver your site to you within 2 months after your modifications and retouches if necessary. However, for 2 months, apimo cannot imagine leaving you without tools to work with ! This is why you will be immediately equipped with your access to the real estate transaction software that will automatically send your selection of properties to a temporary website like this one :


What are the benefits ?

  • No contact lost with your customer portfolio
  • Your brand image is assured with no floating period
  • The transmission of your properties from apimo to your website is direct

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