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Apiwork™ is a Software Editor Company specialised in real estate, we also create websites with Web 2.0-technology. Our key customers are in real state and entertainment industries all across Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Daniel Féau and Wretman Estate are world-class real estate agencies with an international reach and renown. We at Apimo are both proud and pleased to have them as customers, and so were our Web developers when they were tasked with the creation of their customized websites, working in close collaboration... Read more

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Who we are?

The company apiwork™

We never lose sight of the essential: your problem.
A website is not a goal but an instrument in the service of the organization. The new culture of Web 2.0, that shapes our vision and our way of working, puts the Internet as a tool role in the creation of value.


The team

Our team works daily to develop your future work tools and customer satisfaction. The company is composed of young employees with a strong work experience.

Management team

Nicolas Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol
Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol Company's president Interview
Thomas Gohm
Thomas GohmCEO Belgium Luxembourg
Alberto Guglielmi
Alberto Guglielmi CEO Italy
Michel Simonny
Michel Simonny Web-agency manager
Alice Mazuet
Alice Mazuet Administrative director
Quentin Parmeland
Quentin ParmelandCountry manager Belgique

Sales team

Charlotte Guigli
Charlotte Guigli International Sales Director
Safa Zormati
Safa Zormati Sales director Tunisie
Deborah Parent
Deborah Parent Account Manager For Digital Solutions - SNPI
Andrea Gerresheim
Morgane Raiola Sales agent Corse / Alpes-Maritimes / Côte d’Azur et Var
Virginie Revirand
Virginie Revirand Sales agent Bouches-du-Rhône / Vaucluse / Var
Stefano De Vittorio
Stefano De Vittorio Sales agent Italie
Sonia Patronelli
Sonia Patronelli Sales agent Italie
Ludovica Iezzi
Ludovica IezziSales agent Italie
Erwann Ravelojaona
Erwann Ravelojaona Sales agent Paris
Celia Ivorra
Celia Ivorra Sales agent Paris
Christopher Gayan
Christopher Gayan Sales agent Paris
Pauline Reboul
Pauline ReboulSales agent
Jade Jedwab
Jade JedwabSales agent Belgium
Nicolas Dagneaux
Nicolas DagneauxSales agent
Julien Combedouzon
Julien CombedouzonSales agent
Julien Roux
Julien RouxSales agent
Marine Heine
Marine HeineSales agent
Agatha Hias
Agatha HiasKey Accounts Manager
Zohra Kahlaoui
Zohra KahlaouiSales agent
Jessie Jollain
Jessie JollainSales agent Grand Est
Julien Dao
Julien DaoSales agent Nord

Technical team

Shaun Fischmann
Shaun Fischmann Web developer
Timothée Pinon
Timothée Pinon Technical Manager
Olivier Bruno
Olivier Bruno Web developer
Betty Larosa
Betty Larosa Web developer
Evan Le Ny
Evan Le Ny Customer service
Emmanuel Janty
Emmanuel JantyCustomer service
Hugo Charbonnel
Hugo CharbonnelCustomer service
Luciano Lacqua
Luciano Lacqua Customer service / Contact Italy
Pauline Bournez
Pauline Bournez Customer service
Nicolas Rochette
Nicolas Rochette Web developer
Teddy Rhim
Teddy Rhim Web developer
Isis Baracco
Isis Baracco Customer service
Mathis Depuiset
Mathis Depuiset Marketing team
Indie Grisard
Indie Grisard Customer service


apiwork™ careers :


Success stories

Apimo solutions, the perfect deal for Daniel Féau.

Daniel Féau, a specialist in luxury real estate in Paris and the western part of Paris, has chosen the apimo solution to equip the thirty agencies of its group. The software and the site are the 2 tools daily used by the employees of Daniel Féau. Tools in perfect harmony with the technical performance needs and prestigious image expected by a group of such international renown. Daniel Féau offers the most complete real estate showcase on the market for owners and buyers of quality properties.

- Daniel Féau, apimo customer since 2015 -

How Apimo was born?

Interview with Nicolas

Let's talk about the high school student « Nicolas Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol », how did the idea of launching a real estate software come to him?

« In high school, I had a very geeky profile.
I was pursuing my secondary education in Nice and it was thanks to my brother that I got to know the real estate world. A small group of agencies at the time: Catherine Mamet. They didn't even have ADSL. One of their employees drove from agency to agency, with a diskette, to update the files.

So I was presented with the idea of creating a centralized tool to share ad listings. I knew how to code, I developed a lot of computer programs for my own pleasure. So the first thing to do was to equip them with broadband. I then made my own little program, which I installed in their machines and took the opportunity to create their first website: catherinemamet.net. »

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