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Apiwork™ is a Software Editor Company specialised in real estate, we also create websites with Web 2.0-technology. Our key customers are in real state and entertainment industries all across Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.



Daniel Féau and Wretman Estate are world-class real estate agencies with an international reach and renown. We at Apimo are both proud and pleased to have them as customers, and so were our Web developers when they were tasked with the creation of their customized websites, working in close collaboration... Read more

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Who we are?

The company apiwork™

We never lose sight of the essential: your problem.
A website is not a goal but an instrument in the service of the organization. The new culture of Web 2.0, that shapes our vision and our way of working, puts the Internet as a tool role in the creation of value.


The team

Our team works daily to develop your future work tools and customer satisfaction. The company is composed of young employees with a strong work experience.

Management team

Nicolas Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol
Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol CEO
Arnaud Fossey
Arnaud Fossey CIO
Michel Simonny
Michel Simonny Manager web-agency
Alice Mazuet
Alice Mazuet Administrative director
Caroline Hermen
Caroline Hermen Marketing manager

Sales team

Andrea Gerresheim
Andréa Gerresheim Sales agent International
Deborah Parent
Deborah Parent Assistante commercial Limousin / Auvergne / Midi Pyrénées / Languedoc Roussillon / Poitou Charentes / Centre
Andrea Gerresheim
Morgane Raiola Sales agent Corse / Alpes-Maritimes / Côte d’Azur et Var
Patrick Gataleta
Patrick Gataleta Sales agent Rhône-Alpes
Virginie Revirand
Virginie Revirand Sales agent Bouches-du-Rhône / Vaucluse / Var

Technical team

Patrick Gataletta
Shaun Fischmann Web developer
Timothée Pinon
Timothée Pinon Web developer
Olivier Bruno
Olivier Bruno Web developer
Betty Larosa
Betty Larosa Web developer
Evan Le Ny
Evan Le Ny Customer service
Michael Attias
Michael Attias Web developer
Quentin Parmeland
Quentin ParmelandCustomer service

Contact Europe

Thomas Gohm
Thomas GohmCEO Luxembourg
Luciano Lacqua
Luciano LacquaCustomer service / Contact Italy


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Success stories

Logiciel et site internet au coeur de l'activité des agences Michaël Zingraf

Depuis plusieurs années l'agence web apiwork™ avec son logiciel de transaction apimo™ est devenu un acteur stratégique du développement des agences immobilières de prestige Michaël Zingraf membres du réseau Christie's. C'est un travail sur-mesure que nous avons mis en place pour s'adapter au mieux aux exigences et spécificités de cette entreprise au savoir-faire unique.

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Contact details

France & international


1, rue Allieis
75 Antibes
06400 Cannes - France

+33 (0)4 92 91 90 63


Apiwork™ Italia

Via Ruffini, 11
18039 Ventimiglia - Italy

+39 01 84 18 60 16 7


Apiwork™ Luxembourg

2b, Ennert Dem Bierg
5244 Sandweiler - Luxembourg

+352 278 650 000


Apiwork™ Tunisie

Berges du Lac
Tunis - Tunisia

+33 (0)4 92 91 90 63

Switzerland & Liechtenstein


Rue Mercerie 12
1003 Lausanne - Switzerland

+41 (0)21 552 77 10