An innovative web software

apimo™ brings you all the marketing tools you need with a multi-user interface and HD pictures. Main features include listing and contact management, automated matching of prospects with properties, listing syndication and monitoring of all aspects of your business.

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Real estate CRM software

With over 14,000 agents login in every day, apimo™ offers a web-based solution available in more than 25 languages, all over the world. Our software is responsive and accessible from any devices. apimo™'s strong suit is being both comprehensive and user-friendly. We trust our clients' expertise and solicit their input to constantly develop our software and help meet milestones. Consequently, our customers' support us through their fidelity and referral of our product.

Real estate CRM software

The all-in-one offer

apimo™ office

Our simple and efficient solution for managers, brokers and agents
Unlimited software use
Listing syndication to web portals
Email and phone customer support

apimo™ professional

The all-in-one solution for small offices and startups
apimo™ Office features
Prospecting tool
Website template
Domain name
Email addresses

apimo™ corporate

Become an esteemed customer with a tailored support for your requirements
apimo™ Professional features
Flash shop-window software
Social networks
Custom documents
Photographs with watermark
SEO tools (Google Analytics and Ranking)
SSL certificate for your website

apimo™ brand

Custom offer for real estate networks, franchises and groups
We create a customised offer and assist you in your development strategy

All the tools you need

Product brochures and window cards

Discover our multilingual repository allowing you to send complete descriptive sheets in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish… without having to learn all these languages! Our experience in luxury real estate and working with international companies makes apimo™ a complete software that meets the best estate agents' requirements.

  • Brochures in PDF or HTML format linking customer-specific extranet
  • Chart and colour customisation
  • Automated email sends

apimo™ all around the world

The security and accessibility of your data is our priority

To protect your data, the CRM software apimo™ uses the encryption SSL 128 bits. Furthermore, we ensure your information is backed-up daily and we guarantee access to 99,9% of all our available services.

To ensure the best service possible, we chose renowned providers: our main servers are housed in the Claranet Paris datacentre in partnership with the outsourcing specialist Typhon, our secondary servers in the datacentre of Iliad and pictures are duplicated in the Amazon S3 cloud to offer a quick download of the HD pictures.

Manage your buyers

Our innovative algorithm allows you to manage your buyers' searches by matching their request with the properties in your portfolio, ranked by affinities. Instead of being limited to exact matches, the software will suggest properties by adding or removing criteria to get the closest products. Our system works both ways, you can match a buyer with a product either from the buyer's request or from the product itself.

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Manage your team

Our solution

Monitor your agents' performance with our thorough analysis tool. From new products/buyers entries, sales activities and publishing of your listings to contracts and revenue, the embedded tool gives you bespoke insights into your business activity.

Additionally, the quality of your listings can also be monitored with our unique rate tags. This figure is calculated based on the information entered into your listing.

Communication between agents

Share information between agents within your office, company, franchise or network. apimo™ enables full management of your data, choosing to share or not the owner's name, address, telephone number and email address, private comments, visit's information, sales history...

Optimising your customer relations with our software

apimo™ is an effective customer relationship management tool. It will automatically notify your agents of follow-ups, tasks or reminders.

Manage your agencies' activity

Owners and/or managers of numerous agencies, group of agencies or franchises can manage access rules and rights for each office and agent within their account. The software operates similarly at this level only with global access to your network's data.

Broadcasting of your listings

Automatic syndication

Publish your listings on over 300 real estate web portals directly from your account. Our technical team continuously establishes new partnerships and builds feeds with portals globally to broadcast your ads closest to your targeted clientele.
With our multilingual repository, we provide an accurate correspondence of the technical description of your property. If you are a portal and would like to partner with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Access for webmaster

apimo™ integrates a full webservice for your webmaster, allowing protected access to your data at any time of the day. This webservice is documented on the dedicated page of our website and the documentation is available in several languages.

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International broadcast solution

Our software integrates the largest broadcasting solution worldwide: Listglobally. This solution offers the possibility with a single and unique contract to broadcast your ads on different portals and countries.

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Automated broadcast

Software training

A service dedicated to real estate agents

Apimo provides training to get the most of your new software and optimise the performance of your agency.

The online training guides you towards total assimilation of the software to take full advantage of the many tools at your disposal.

Although training is optional, we strongly recommend that you do register to get a full understanding of the software.

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