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A fast and effective website

Discover our website templates, especially built to satisfy all your needs and desires in terms of design and digital marketing.
Directly updated from our CRM software, you will benefit from the most recent features, customisable and compliant with all the latest standards.

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Our offer a fast and effective website

Template websites

Do you need a web presence? The apimo™ package includes your website creation!
apimo™ offers templates that are constantly evolving and created according to your requirements. Opting for a website template is the insurance of getting a complete website, based on your company image with a quick setup.

Corporate websites

Take advantage of more than 10 years of experience in creating websites to define your needs together and establish a strong presence on the web.
Key element in your marketing strategy, consolidate your communication with a site at your image.

An expertise in design

A website is not a purpose but an instrument in the service of your organization. The new web 2.0 culture, which builds our vision and way of working, puts internet as a tool to create an added value.

Your identity, your environment and your dynamism are the first stones that will allow us to give relevance to your project.

Our intellectual approach: understanding, precision and anticipation.

Since 2006

Our team has been working daily on the development of new tools and customer satisfaction. Our team is young and dynamic with a strong professional background.

Responsive design

Mobile users

With an ever increasing web traffic on mobile devices, it is important to have a responsive website that guarantees an optimal functioning and display as intended on all devices. On October 2014, the main devices that were used were: computers (62%), mobiles (28%), tablets (10%). Without a responsive version, you risk having an incompatible website for more than one visitor out of three.


A responsive website is developed so it can adapt in terms of size and features depending from where it is viewed (ie. computer, tablet or mobile).

A responsive website is not requiring any additional application download. You can rest assured that design and modules on your website will be optimised.

Responsive website

Website templates

Master your SEO

We give you the opportunity to rank your company on Google™, Bing™ and Yahoo!™.
We bring you a strong expertise in:

  • HTML 5 / XHTML 1.0 / CSS 3: respect of web standards
  • Dynamic meta-tags: describe your page for search engines optimisation
  • XML sitemap: index covering all your website pages
  • International URL rewriting: simplifying and optimising URLs
  • Website architecture


Analyse your site traffic and increase your ranking with powerful tools:

  • Google™ Maps subcription and monitoring
  • View new visitors on Google™ Analytics
  • Optimisation of your website with Google™/Bing™ Webmaster tools
  • Monitor your daily ranking on the main search engines (Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™)
  • Access to Apiwebsite, our own reporting tool
  • Optimised Content

    A successful SEO strategy is about not losing your primary goal: customer satisfaction.
    With a thorough architecture and code, we make the most of the possibilities that HTML5 and current web standards are offering.


    We are here to assist you so you can reach your SEO goals. Our SEO monitoring tools will help you improving your key words and expressions for a better ranking of your website.

Master your SEO

Examples of website creations

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