A fast and effective website

Découvrez notre offre de site internet, conçue pour satisfaire toutes vos attentes en matière de communication web.
Directement alimenté par notre logiciel, que vous soyez une agence de quartier ou un réseau d’agences, vous profiterez d’outils modernes, personnalisables et compatibles aux standards actuels.

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Our offer a fast and effective website

Template websites

Real Estate Agents, you need a web presence? The apimo™ packagage includes the realization of your website!
apimo™ offers models evolving studied according to your needs. Opting for a site on template is the assurance of getting a complete site, to your image and quickly set up.

Corporate websites

Take advantage of more than 10 years of experience in creating websites to define your needs together and establish a presence on the web.
Key element of your marketing strategy, consolidate your communication with a site similar to your business.

Design expertise

A website is not a purpose but an instrument in the service of the organization. The new web 2.0 culture, which models our vision and our way to work, replace internet in its role as a tool to create an added value.

Your identity, your environment and your dynamism are the first stones which will permit to apiwork™ to give a sense and a coherence to your project.

Our intellectual approach: comprehension, rigour, and anticipation.

Since 2006

Our team works on the development of your future working tools and on the satisfaction of its clientele on a daily basis. The company is made up of young collaborators with strong professional experience.

Responsive design

Mobile users

With an ever increasing web traffic on mobile devices, it is paramount to possess a responsive website to guarantee an optimal functioning and display as intended on all devices. In October 2014, the main devices used were: computers 62%, mobiles 28%, tablets 10%. Without a responsive version you run the risk of having an incompatible site for more than one visitor out of three.

Responsive ?

A responsive website (or adaptive website) is a website developed in such a way that it can adapt in terms of size and features to the different devices from which it is viewed (ie. computer, tablet or mobile).

A responsive website, is a unique site, without requiring any additional application download. You can rest assured that design and modules of your website are optimised.

Responsive website


Master your SEO

Give you the opportunity to rank yourself on Google™, Bing™ and Yahoo!™.
For this we carry out a meticulous work, illustrating years of know-how:

  • HTML 5 / XHTML 1.0 / CSS 3: Respect of web standards
  • Dynamic Meta-tags: Describe your page for search engines
  • XML Sitemap: Index covering all the pages of the website
  • International URL Rewriting: Simplifying and optimizing URLs
  • Website Architecture


Analyser dans le temps et améliorer votre position avec des outils performants :

  • Inscription et suivi sur Google™ Maps
  • Suivi de vos visiteurs sur Google™ Analytics
  • Optimisation de votre site à l’aide de Google™/Bing™ Webmaster tools
  • Suivi quotidien du positionnement sur les principaux moteurs Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™
  • Accès à notre outil de reporting Apiwebsite
  • Gestion de votre portefeuille Google™ Adwords
  • Interlocuteur dédié spécialisé référencement

Optimized Content

Un référencement réussi, c’est ne pas perdre de vue votre objectif principal : satisfaire vos clients.
Avec une architecture et un code soignés, nous exploitons au mieux les possibilités que nous offrent le HTML5 et les standards actuels du web. Ceci a pour conséquence de créer une hierarchie de l’information et un accès facilité à celle-ci pour tous les moteurs de recherche.


Nous vous accompagnons et vous conseillons tout au long de l’année afin d’atteindre vos objectifs. À l’aide de nos outils de suivi, nous perfectionnons vos expressions et mots-clés pour un meilleur positionnement de votre site.

Master your SEO

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