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Software training

Our experts make sure to provide you with the service you need,
which is why we invite you to participate in our training sessions.
Apimo™ is committed to customer satisfaction and does everything
possible to provide you with the best products.

Online training

A free service dedicated to real estate agents

The transaction software apimo™ trains you to use its software to optimize the performance of your real estate agency.

Online training is a simple and effective way to help real estate agents quickly and completely assimilate the software, in order to take full advantage of the many features available to you.

These training courses are free of access, they are strongly recommended so that our expert can guide you as well as possible in the use of your new real estate software. Our experts have been taught at the VHS training centre, a SNPI training entity.

As a result, as part of the SNPI partnership, we also offer validating training courses accredited to the Alur Law.

A specialized training module

Depending on your user profile and your level of use of the Apimo real estate software, we will guide you in the choice of the training module and answer your questions.

On a daily basis, we work to provide you with the best real estate transaction software and support you in your development with our free online training.

Our service includes two distinct and complementary formulas, the Level 1 module and the Level 2 module. Each module lasts 3 hours, our trainers work to make them ever more complete and simplified.

Level 1 is based on learning how to use the Apimo software homepage. Then, three key tools are presented, namely: Contact, Demand, Product. These are essential tools to master in your daily management of the software, so it is strongly recommended to participate in this free session. Other concepts are seen as the principle of crossovers between the demands of new customers and available goods. We also discuss the agency's own internal discussion system.

Level 2 covers the seasonal rental module and the residence module. During this second session, other devices such as the authorization of the rights of various users, the use of the cloud, inter-agency sharing, listing, etc. will be presented. We are authorized to welcome up to 15 real estate agencies simultaneously during a single session.

How does the Apimo training work ?

Apimo offers several sessions per week to which you can register in just a few clicks.

All you have to do is connect to the apimo.pro platform, go to the tools section then training and finally apply for the session of your choice.
An invitation will be sent to participants on D-Day, allowing them to join the videoconference session, supervised by one of our certified trainers.

What are the advantages ?

Videoconferencing makes training more lively and encourages direct exchanges with the trainer.
Our trainers always encourage interaction and questions from real estate agents.
During the Apimo training, beyond the exchanges with the trainer, we provide an instant messaging system (chat).
Each session is regularly closed by a general dialogue between trainer and participants in order to reflect on specific elements.

The best of real estate is within your reach.

Why is online training essential ?

This essential service provides you with the basics of software handling.

It emphasizes the importance of the quality of the information in these products sheets.
Our free training allows you to use 100% of the functionalities of your real estate software.

Face-to-face training

Join us at our training centres

The Apimo team also offers face-to-face training courses included in the subscription to which you can register directly from the software.

Go to the tools section, then training and finally choose the session of your choice. Be careful, make sure you attend a face-to-face session and not online, to do so, make sure you click on the training centre nearest you. We can accommodate up to 10 real estate agents in a single session. We have training centres in the cities of Paris, Cannes, Tunis, Brussels and Milan.

Although the training is free of charge, registration and non-participation may result in possible invoicing.

Our training centre based in Paris