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IMMMO Agency

IMMMO Agency

Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg

« After a study of several existing real estate software packages on the market, Apimo was able to convince the members of the IMMMO Team. Apimo, offers a comfort of work, it is a business software that perfectly fulfils its role, from the creation of properties through the cross-referencing of requests to the sending of e-mails, everything is perfect and qualitative.

In addition to this, training on the software is accessible to all and allows the team to become familiar with the tool quickly and efficiently. Apimo, allowed us to gain in reactivity and productivity, this software corresponds to our expectations.

Particularly efficient, Apimo is a business software which fulfils its role perfectly. Apimo is an asset for our great team. »

Alexis Muckensturm
Imperium International Agency

Imperium International Agency

Avenue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Dudelange

« We are a young and dynamic real estate agency based in Luxembourg and we work all over Europe. After more than 1 year of using another software we decided to work with Apimo. We wanted to make the best choice and we carefully studied all the possible software... but our choice was resolutely on Apimo!

Indeed, Apimo turned out to be the most complete real estate software, the easiest to use, the best designed and the cross between the available products and the requests definitely seduced us. In three years, our agency has grown considerably and we are still as convinced as ever by Apimo's performance. It is also very important to underline the dynamism, reactivity and professionalism of the Apimo teams... Bravo ! »

Nicolas Morel
Immo Diederich Agency

Immo Diederich Agency

Rue de Kleinbettingen, Steinfort

« After 15 years of using a real estate management tool, the Apimo software has allowed us to find a new, simple and efficient way of working. The whole team greatly appreciates the speed, simplicity and functionalities of the software with an easy and relatively intuitive approach. The Apimo software brings us many advantages and relieves us of the heavy task of managing our database.

Even better, Apimo offers real training sessions, remotely and on site, where we are really shown how the software works. Apimo is a real guarantee of professionalism. It is perfectly adapted to the requirements of our profession. »

Gilles Diederich
Barnes Luxembourg Agency

Barnes Luxembourg Agency

Avenue Porte Neuve, Luxembourg

« The Barnes House now occupies a leading position in the luxury residential real estate sector. Our leadership is based on a high-quality range of services, providing a complete package of services to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. We have been using Apimo for several months now and we are satisfied with the real estate software that meets our expectations and those of our clients particularly well.

Special mention to the Luxembourg support which is very reactive to manage daily problems. »

Jean-Christophe Viguier
LA Immo Agency

LA Immo Agency

Rue Nelson Mandela, Strassen

« In a market such as Luxembourg, the use of a real estate software that can easily manage several languages is mandatory. The Apimo software allows us to carry out our commercial actions very quickly, these actions adapt automatically to the language and currency of the clients or entities we work with.

This way of working is essential, especially for us who work as resellers for one of the largest real estate developers in Luxembourg. The fact that we can communicate quickly over all networks via the Apimo software also allows us to offer an additional service to this increasingly digital-sensitive clientele.

Finally, the direct contact with the person in charge in Luxembourg, who always has an attentive ear, is also one of the reasons why we
are 100% satisfied with our choice of Apimo. »

Leyli Schaber
Immobilière Biewer & Spautz Agency

Immobilière Biewer & Spautz Agency

Route de Luxembourg, Junglinster

« Immobilière Biewer & Spautz is a real estate agency that has been in operation in Luxembourg since 1999. As a technology enthusiast, I'm a big fan of tools that make things much easier and more efficient. With Apimo we found exactly the right software! We have been working with it for several months now and we are super satisfied! The Apimo software facilitates the management of our database, the creation of properties, the follow-up of our files, the details for the objects... And at the same time the software is very easy to use and intuitive.

Obviously, it is the most complete transaction software we could ever hope for! Apimo is a very modern tool that offers exactly the functionalities that a real estate agency needs nowadays. Not forgetting the efficiency and responsiveness of the Apiwork team! »

Pit Spautz
CBRE Luxembourg Agency

CBRE Luxembourg Agency

Impasse Drosbach, Luxembourg

« It is now one year since CBRE Luxembourg set up its residential branch. We needed real estate software that would allow us to manage the entire commercial side of our agency. Apimo fulfilled its task and convinced us of its usefulness in our daily work.

Moreover, the Apimo support team is very reactive and competent. We can only confirm the usefulness of Apimo as a business software. »

Claude Billen
ABRI&CO Agency


Rue Benjamin Franklin, Luxembourg

« I have been working as a real estate agent for several months in the family business, which has been in business for 20 years, and my meeting with Apimo coincides with my desire to modernise and optimise the processes involved in the profession, with the primary ambition of ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

The numerous exchanges with the Apimo team very quickly convinced me that the software was the solution for optimal support in our processes. In addition to the great availability and flexibility of the team, the real estate software offers a multitude of future-oriented options for support in the evolution of technology and the real estate agent's profession. »

Mathieu Scherrer

ADA PRO Agency

ADA PRO Agency

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Dudelange

« Apimo is part of our company. Responding to our daily needs, the software allows us to be faster and more efficient. It has become essential, and quite simply complements our activity.

The collaboration with Mr GOHM and the support team is excellent, we can only recommend Apimo. »

Admir Ramcilovic

Area Immo Agency

Area Immo Agency

Rue des roses, Bascharage

« Active for more than 20 years on the Luxembourg property market, we have tested other property software, only Apimo has been able to convince us of its effectiveness. We have been using it since the end of 2018. Apimo is a reliable real estate software that has met all our expectations. We appreciate the training sessions that allow us to become even more familiar with the Apimo software. A bonus is that the website was created according to our wishes.

Congratulations to the entire Apimo team, which remains available and reactive to all our requests and in all circumstances. We are completely satisfied with the Apimo software and intend to use it for many years to come. »

Fanny Dewaele
Tusculum Agency

Tusculum Agency

Rue basse, Schifflange

« After having experienced several software packages, we stopped by Apimo thanks to one of our suppliers who told us about it. It's complete software, both for Luxembourg and if you want to open up to other countries such as France.

It is easy to use and that's what makes it so great, our agents of all ages can use it without difficulty and without feeling overwhelmed by the technology. The technical service is very responsive and the software is constantly being improved to our great delight. As for the sales department, nothing to say it is really great and we are really happy with our choice of using Apimo for our agencies. »

Sandra Santolini
Immo Ansay Agency

Immo Ansay Agency


« Immo Ansay Agency, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of real estate and construction, offers you a professional and well elaborated service for all real estate transactions thanks to the Apimo software.

Apimo allows us to work in an efficient and easy way, this software is essential for the smooth running of our agency and for the publication of all our properties on the media.

The whole Apimo team is efficient and attentive to our needs. »

Claude Ansay
Engel & Völkers Agency

Engel & Völkers Agency

Place Joseph Thorn, Luxembourg

« Engel & Völkers Agency is very satisfied with the Apimo software, which enables us to offer our properties in a simple, intuitive and efficient way.

In particular, given the richness of our real estate offer, Apimo enables us to process and manage the different types of properties - from flats, commercial surfaces and single-family houses to prestigious villas - in a comprehensive, fast and professional manner. »

Moreover, thanks to Apimo's proactive team who provide us with competent support for any request, we are always well advised and accompanied. »

Matthias May
Creahaus Agency

Creahaus Agency

Route d'Arlon, Strassen

« CREAHAUS has been active in the real estate and development market for decades and knows the importance of good software in our daily organisation.

During the reorganisation of our company and after many years of using a management tool, we sounded out the software market in order to find the perfect partner for the management of our properties and customer base. Our choice fell on Apimo and it paid off! As the support is exemplary in its reactivity, problem management is a mere formality.

Keep up the good work, you are on the right track. »

Luc Risch
Square Plus Agency

Square Plus Agency

Rue de Rollingergrund, Luxembourg

« For the creation of our new real estate company, we have chosen Apimo as our partner in the management of properties and prospects. In an increasingly competitive market like the one we have in Luxembourg, a stable, user-friendly and professional CRM is a major asset to stand out and satisfy our customers. Convinced by the efficiency, professionalism and reliability of the software, the obvious need for mobility and reactivity weighed in Apimo's choice. »

Having an efficient, available and very committed support team, Apimo satisfies us and guarantees a professional follow-up. "The best publicity is the one made by the return of our customers" for this I would like to thank especially Thomas for his help at all time. »

Marco Baiao
BAT Invest Agency

BAT Invest Agency


« The most important thing for us when choosing another software package was, on the one hand, the simple and intuitive handling based on a logical concept and structure; and on the other hand, the fast contact management and the efficient and straightforward data processing.

It is the Apimo software that has been able to meet our requirements. Supported by Mr. Thomas GOHM with his professionalism and reactivity, we can only recommend Apimo. »

Paul Dumont


Rue Wiltz, Luxembourg

« SOS Immo is an innovative, dynamic and perfectionist real estate agency. We are particularly sensitive to the working tools we use on a daily basis and after discovering Apimo we were conquered. Apimo is the primary tool that allows us to set up our entire work organisation and helps us to better think about our real estate marketing strategy.
Thanks to its ergonomic navigation we gain time and efficiency every day. All our team has easily adhered to its use. The easy and quick input of our prospects and our entire database of buyers, renters and sellers is a major asset of Apimo. In addition, the space for managing the distribution of our ads on the vast majority of all real estate portals in Luxembourg with management of export and import gateways gives us great visibility.

Finally, the Apimo team and customer support can be easily reached by telephone and/or email, which saves us precious time. »

SG Immobilier Agency

SG Immobilier Agency


« Finally a real estate agent who says what he does and does what he says! ... this is a recommendation from one of our satisfied customers which has become our slogan, all is said and done... And believe us, in order to be able to achieve all this, an efficient and effective real estate management software is essential! This is more than the case with Apimo, this software fully satisfies us and allows us to innovate in our own business.

Moreover, we are particularly proud of our new website created by the Web Team. It fully corresponds to our expectations and offers us the opportunity to give an Extranet access to our customers so they can follow all our actions on their properties, they love it and so do we ! Icing on the cake, the whole competent team is listening and available for its customers, what a pleasure !
We can only recommend Apimo ! »

Business Gate Luxembourg Agency
Business Gate Luxembourg Agency

Rue des Bains, Luxembourg

« More than a real estate software, for us, Apimo is a trusted partner that offers us varied and very complete solutions, thus meeting our expectations in terms of media gateways and also covering other multiple needs in our field of activity.

Apimo is an indispensable tool in our business, with a scalable CRM solution, intelligent database management, fast and efficient technical support, adapted administrative assistance and tailor-made websites.

It is the essential professional answer, well adapted to our needs for the Luxembourg and international market.
A saving of time and money! »

Neirouz Lahmadi
Atlantis Real Estate
Atlantis Real Estate Agency

Rue Henri M. Schnadt, Luxembourg

« Although very complete, the Apimo software has a simple and intuitive interface.
Whether it is the CRM, the portal to the various media, the customisable website or the assistance...

Apimo is without a doubt the essential toolbox of a good real estate agent.

Congratulations to the entire Apiwork team. »

Charles Van Haute

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